March 19, 2010

This is a Man's World

"But it would be nothing without a woman, or a girl...." I don't know why, but for some reason James Brown's lyrics ran through my head upon first view of Edward Leida's home posted on The Selby. It's like a lion's den meets a sleek, Italian mid-century man cave.

Maybe it's Leida's assured pose, or the wood paneling, or those metal accents... or all that luscious leather. Yes, yes.. that buttery leather spread on toast. Reminds me of our Contour and Chieftain chairs, in all their wood and camel-colored glory. I'll take a nightcap and a good read, please...

Gorgeous Barcelona Day Bed (it's refreshing to see this in brown leather) and Arteluce Triennale lamp.

Where's my cashmere blanket?

Love the pop of the Panton Cone chair in a sharp kelly green.

Beautiful wood grain and libations -- always a nice pairing.

This aerodynamic lighting looks warm and inviting. Edward Leida home photos via Todd Selby / The Selby.

Chairs to curl up in... aka "The warm leather hug."

Vladimir Kagan Contour Chair (1953). Click pic to view details on our site.

Finn Juhl "Chieftain" Chair (c. 1960's). Click pic to view details on our site.

And here's a heady glass of circa 60's James Brown.