November 28, 2009


No need to pack your overnight bag and 2-ounce bottles. Come visit us and do your own globetrotting with our cool vintage globe collection. The lighted ones are mesmerizing!

photos: Antoinette Celes


Monument hearts Paul Smith

It's great to see our pieces take up residence in a new home. Especially love it when said home is Paul Smith's new San Francisco shop. Watch out for the upholstered x-base bench in the dressing room. Nice, nice and nice. Don't forget the make-out session at the end! (via 7x7MAGAZINE)

Paul Smith
50 Geary Street
San Francisco, CA 94108


November 27, 2009

Vice devices

We aren't advocates of Class A drugs, but we find these Italian ceramic containers kind of (quote) adorable (unquote). You can use them for other vices -- like candy! Yes... sweet, sweet sugar on the brain.

Raymor Italian ceramic buddha head with heroin & opium canisters
photos: Antoinette Celes


Ready steady HallReady

HallReady design blog does a little QA interview with us. Thanks Kate!


November 23, 2009

Shiny, shiny, la la la la

We are loving stylist, Mark Morrison's, myriad of shiny objects and sculptural pieces as photographed by our favorite interior/people photographer, The Selby. Try not to get distracted by kitty Ruby's cute face!


November 21, 2009

Music: Warm up to Koop

We're freezing here! Winter has come, and we're dreaming of a fireplace or an Alexander Girard Snuggie (is there such a thing?)! Speaking of Girard, check out these House Industries fonts & objects.

We've been listening to Swedish pop group, Koop, on a loop here (pun intended). Here's our beloved Yukimi Nagano, of Little Dragon fame, giving us some Summer Sun to warm up to.


Woof! Boogie makes classics new again

Talented animator/illustrator, Lili Chin, brings canine whimsy to classic Mid-Century Modern & contemporary chairs with her lovely drawings of Boston Terrier, Boogie, living the life in high design! See more on Apartment Therapy's post, or order postcards on Lili's Doggie Drawings site.

Boogie on Pakhale

Boogie on Eames


November 14, 2009

Shaken, not stirred

We love the Mad Men three martini lunch... and dinner, and dessert, and nightcap! Those days are gone, but we can still play responsibly. Soldier up those bottles, buff your glassware, and gather the coolest barware you can find. Invite us over for a toast won't you?

pics via AMC

Get started with the Mad Men Cocktail Guide, then build up that mini bar!

The foundation: a nice little bar trolley, large tray, or credenza tabletop.

Italian brass bamboo chic

Polish up your stemware, old fashioneds, highballs and what-nots.

Vintage iittala glassware

Now fill up that ice bucket!

Vintage Dansk teak cube bucket

More vintage Dansk teak bucket-ness

And even more vintage Dansk buckets -- this time in rosewood

Polished aluminum knightshead bucket. Open!

Polished aluminum knightshead bucket. Closed!

Italian Aldo Tura goatskin bucket & tray

Faceted lucite buckets

And shake, shake, shake!

Interesting American bell-shaped shakers.
photos: Antoinette Celes

007 tells us how it's done

GREY GOOSE® vodka makes the classic martini


November 13, 2009

Hoo, hoo! Who loves owls?

We do! We do!

Look at this lovely 60's Mid-Century Modern pair. Left: Curtis Jere brass owl with green glass eyes, made in the USA - $250. Right: Murano shaped green glass, made in Italy - $175.

Murano 60's Italian green glass owl (detail). Check out his eyes!

Jere 70's brass bookend, made in the USA - $225. Notice the lion looking a little bit "baked."

The mother owl that rules them all! 23-inches of Hooter power! Ceramic 60's owl, made in Italy - $450.

One of the sweetest owls in our collection. The details are Jere-ish (not confirmed) 60's brass owl with enameled coloring - $150.

Love the colors and metallic accents on this one. 60's Jere owl with enameled coloring, made in the USA - $495.

More Jere detail. Hootie hoo!

Skjode Skjern vintage owl bobble-head. His head is attached with a rubber band that allows his head to spin & adjust. Very cute! The bottom of his body bears a sweet poem. Come visit us to discover this wise owl's words. 60's teak owl, made in Denmark.

The owl in the bell jar. Vintage ceramic owl, made in Italy - $150

photos: Antoinette Celes


November 7, 2009

Set Design: Mad Men

AMC's Mad Men scratches our design itch. We love this new look the Drapers are sporting, despite the fainting couch causing all sorts of controversy!