December 31, 2009

Hello 2010!

Usually it's "Out with the old, and in with the new," but at Monument we can't help but love "the old." Especially if it comes wrapped in beautiful design. So as the hours tick by, and 2009 comes to a close, we warmly wish you all a Happy New Year for 2010! Love, peace and prosperity....

George Nelson Night Desk Clock by Modern Findings

left: 70's alarm clock by fotokisterl, right: 60's clock by GallPhotos

MCM clocks by smallritual


December 28, 2009

It's Monday... Let's dance!


December 27, 2009

Before and After: Danish Sofa

We recently restored a 60's Danish sofa frame, that just arrived back from the refinisher and upholsterer. The guys did an amazing job restoring the teak to a gleaming finish, and making comfy cushions covered with a wheat-colored woven cotton. We love it!

Sofa Before:

Sofa After

1960's teak sofa, made in Denmark, imported by Sealy.

photos: Antoinette Celes


December 24, 2009

Some Brini Christmas Cheer

Brini always has some great ideas -- and she looks fabulous to boot!


December 21, 2009

Silver, glam, disco memories

The guys put together an exquisite window for the holidays. Crystals, mirrors, silver, antlers, feathers, tinsel, lucite and glass. It isn't snowing here, but the reflective, sparkly surfaces hark back to memories of light bouncing off faceted snowflakes.

An amazing crystal encrusted tree! Love the singular accent of the large red glass ornament.


This antler shaped glass base coffee table, with matte silver dove is just perfect. Organic and smooth modern shapes combine beautifully.

The table and tree are made for each other.

This white console is a great backdrop for the holiday window: glossy, white and reflective. A great anchor for these white & lucite base lamps, and the myriad of little, vintage tabletop trees.

These vintage trees are cute, yet sleek and glamorous even! Feathers, tinsel and a great disco-mirrored cone shape to represent 70's decadence. Party on!


December 19, 2009

Film: A Single Man

We recently watched A Single Man, Tom Ford's adaptation of Christopher Isherwood's 1964 novel of the same name. I was must say, I was thoroughly impressed by Ford's directorial debut. It's been two days since I've watched this movie, and it still lingers in my brain!

The movie portrays George--played by Colin Firth--as a gay man living in Southern California in the early 60's, who loses his longtime partner in a tragic car accident. In true pre-Free Love/70's form, George suffers silently amongst the myriad of characters he interacts with, whom also harbor deeper anxieties beneath their perfectly coiffed exteriors.

On a side note, I must mention for you design aficionados, the cinematography and set design is a Mid-Century Modern orgasm! Ok, I'll stop blabbing now. Watch the snippets and soak in the eye candy. Better yet.. go catch this movie toute suite!


The phone call (Firth's acting here is incredible)


Jim (Matthew Goode) & George (Colin Firth) in a happier flashback.

Lois (Aline Weber) & Kenny (Nicholas Hoult) in a beatnik Bardot/angora moment.

The protagonist George -- neat, constrained and suffering.

Carlos (Jon Kortajarena) & George take a Lucky Strike break. Can you say "hubba to the hubba?!"

Charley's dressing table. We're loving those gilded lamps and mother-of-pearl inlaid mirror.

Tragically beautiful Charley (Julianne Moore).

Charley's rounded sofa is killing me softly -- love it!

Kenny & George post swim.

Director Tom Ford on set.


Eyes of the Devil

Apparently there's some sort of scavenger hunt going on today in the Mission. We keep getting customers come in chanting, "Eyes of the devil, eyes of the devil, eyes of the devil." Eventually they find their way to this Japanese kabuki mask, then move onto their next destination. Funny stuff! Anyone know what's going on? We love holiday mysteries!


December 14, 2009

Christmas Time is Here

One of our favorite San Franciscans. The holiday season begs for quiet tinkling on piano keys. Vince Guaraldi knows this all too well. This tune conjures brisk, chilly nights with a dash of Peanuts charm. Nostalgia made new again....

- Vince Guaraldi official site


December 12, 2009

Go, go Kikaider!

Sometimes we pepper the shop with personal collections. Sam has this great Kikaider Japanese superhero figure people just love! Coincidentally, I grew up in Hawaii watching the Kikaider tv show, and would sing the opening theme song -- despite not knowing a word of Japanese at the time. We have another superhero figure in the shop, and wondered if this guy was related to Kikaider, or any other 70's superheros (last photo below). Anyone know this guy?

Our mystery hero! *UPDATE: Mystery solved. Our turbaned hero is Rainbow Man! See video here.


December 11, 2009

Birds, birds.... everywhere birds!

We love all the animals, but have a special place in our hearts for birds. It's a veritable MCM aviary in here. Cooo.... cooo!

James Lavera ceramic bird

60's Danish ceramic bird. Isn't he the cutest?!

60's Danish ceramic dove server/bowl/planter

Bitossi bird ceramic candy dish

Bitossi ceramic duck

Bitossi ceramic dove. Love his expression.

Bitossi bird with lovely patched colors.

Bitossi bird with great rounded lines and a wonderful beak.

Bitossi ceramic chickens

Bitossi ceramic bird lamp

C. Jere polished aluminum bird

Jaru silver leaf birds

60's bisque cockatiel

photos: Antoinette Celes