March 6, 2010

I've got a crush on you....

A sofa crush that is. Years ago I was flipping through an interior design mag (unfortunately I cannot, for the life of me, remember which issue), and came across an wonderful, minimally decorated home, filled with curves, graphic lines and lots of color. The singular element that burned in my brain, was this amazing side chair set off, near a landing, carved out as a reading nook. It looked so cozy, that chair, all rounded-square lines, and in a bright, kelly green upholstery. Instantly I fell in love, and had to know who, and what, was this chair. My squinty eyes scoured the fine print, and finally I spy the credits, "Vintage Chicklet side chair." My little design heart swelled from my crush, and I vowed one day, "I will find you Chicklet sofa, chair, whatever...."

Flash-forward to now. I recently stopped by Monument, but had rushed by the display window with nary a glance. Taking some photos around the shop, my beady, little eyes spied some very familiar rounded curves near the window. Kind of like 70's mod cartoonish curves, like a wide, toothy grin... My heart skipped a beat, when I saw it was, in fact, an all-kinds-of-gorgeous Chicklet sofa, newly reupholstered in a beautiful, soft green heathered cotton. It was like a bamboo garden landed in our window, and turned itself into a sofa. Okay... I know, I know.. you say it's just a sofa, but can't a girl have an inanimate crush around here?

Alright I'll stop babbling... pictures at last! Stop by Monument and visit my baby. Seriously.

Newly reupholstered Chicklet Sofa designed by Ray Wilkes for Herman Miller. circa 1976. Check our site for more info here.

p.s. Don't you love the drama of that antelope?

photos: Antoinette Celes


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