January 31, 2010

Ah, this chair is just right...

We'd like to think that Goldilocks would be hard-pressed to choose from any of these lovely chair offerings. How can one resist sitting back with a good read, some tea or conversation (aka gossip) in one of these beauties? I could spend all day caressing these arm rests!

(l-r) Red chair - Danish, c. 1950's, oak frame with teak arms in red wool; Grey chair - Alf Svennson for Dux furniture, made in Denmark, c. 1960's, walnut frame in gray Maharam wool (more details on 1st dibs here); Teal chair - Paul McCobb for Calvin furniture, made in USA, c. 1950's, walnut frame in teal wool. *Note: all chairs refinished and reupholstered.

Gratuitous angle shot!

More red chair madness. Goldilocks vs. Red Riding Hood you think?

Elbows & knees please....

photos: Antoinette Celes


January 18, 2010

Art: Andy Goldsworthy

The work of Scottish environmental/land artist Andy Goldsworthy takes our breath away. Nature will always produce the most amazing formations, but Goldsworthy's simple manipulation of natural materials, often in their immediate landscape, is stunning. He then leaves these works to absorb back into the land -- a distinct comment on man-made vs. the natural ebb and flow of life. Watch excerpts from the documentary on this work, Rivers and Tides, below.


January 16, 2010

It's supposed to rain today

René Gruau Illustration, originally uploaded by sandiv999.

Poster for a lady's raincoat. From Graphis Annual 66/67.


January 14, 2010

Graphics Gallery

We love exploring images on Flickr, and started adding images to our new Graphics gallery. Fun! Click the image below to check it out. This space will continue to evolve as we include more images. If you're on Flickr, add us as a contact.

B. Løkeland Illustration 3 via sandiv999


January 13, 2010

Quick Canal

Laetitia Sadier vocals over 1950's design makes for some kind of genius.

Original video: The American Look (1958) (watch here)


January 12, 2010

Dim all the lights

At the end of the night, turning off all the lamps in the shop sometimes leaves us wanting to rush home to curl up on the couch, tucked under a wooly throw, perhaps with a good read in hand. Winter makes the sun go down quick, but it's quite lovely inside amongst the warm glow.

Italian white frosted glass.

Laurel lamp.

Sweet little pair of Danish glass lamps with teak base.

1950's chic brass lamps (sold).

Very sexy chrome & acrylic 70's lamps.

1960's French resin lamp.

Tulip-shaped white and green streaked marble lamp. We love how the light warms the marble.

1920's carved alabaster lamp.

Detail (1920's carved alabaster lamp).

photos: Antoinette Celes


January 10, 2010

Music: Osborne - 16th Stage

Smooth atmospheric stuff to while away an evening.


January 6, 2010

Process: Antique Sofa Transformation

Reupholstered sofa project via Martha Stewart.