December 21, 2009

Silver, glam, disco memories

The guys put together an exquisite window for the holidays. Crystals, mirrors, silver, antlers, feathers, tinsel, lucite and glass. It isn't snowing here, but the reflective, sparkly surfaces hark back to memories of light bouncing off faceted snowflakes.

An amazing crystal encrusted tree! Love the singular accent of the large red glass ornament.


This antler shaped glass base coffee table, with matte silver dove is just perfect. Organic and smooth modern shapes combine beautifully.

The table and tree are made for each other.

This white console is a great backdrop for the holiday window: glossy, white and reflective. A great anchor for these white & lucite base lamps, and the myriad of little, vintage tabletop trees.

These vintage trees are cute, yet sleek and glamorous even! Feathers, tinsel and a great disco-mirrored cone shape to represent 70's decadence. Party on!


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