December 19, 2009

Film: A Single Man

We recently watched A Single Man, Tom Ford's adaptation of Christopher Isherwood's 1964 novel of the same name. I was must say, I was thoroughly impressed by Ford's directorial debut. It's been two days since I've watched this movie, and it still lingers in my brain!

The movie portrays George--played by Colin Firth--as a gay man living in Southern California in the early 60's, who loses his longtime partner in a tragic car accident. In true pre-Free Love/70's form, George suffers silently amongst the myriad of characters he interacts with, whom also harbor deeper anxieties beneath their perfectly coiffed exteriors.

On a side note, I must mention for you design aficionados, the cinematography and set design is a Mid-Century Modern orgasm! Ok, I'll stop blabbing now. Watch the snippets and soak in the eye candy. Better yet.. go catch this movie toute suite!


The phone call (Firth's acting here is incredible)


Jim (Matthew Goode) & George (Colin Firth) in a happier flashback.

Lois (Aline Weber) & Kenny (Nicholas Hoult) in a beatnik Bardot/angora moment.

The protagonist George -- neat, constrained and suffering.

Carlos (Jon Kortajarena) & George take a Lucky Strike break. Can you say "hubba to the hubba?!"

Charley's dressing table. We're loving those gilded lamps and mother-of-pearl inlaid mirror.

Tragically beautiful Charley (Julianne Moore).

Charley's rounded sofa is killing me softly -- love it!

Kenny & George post swim.

Director Tom Ford on set.



  1. Does anybody knows who plays Lois? I cannot find any credits for her on IMDB.

  2. Aha found it! Brazilian model Aline Weber: Not sure why she wasn't credited, but mystery solved...

  3. incredible, incredible movie.
    i think she wasn't credited because, as she has no lines, it's a technical cameo. weird. she was such an awesome character though. this movie feels like one i will sincerely benefit from re-watching every single day for the rest of my life.