November 11, 2010

New in Shop: A rosewood by any other name

The guys have a very definitive eye, and know exactly what they like. I love popping by the shop and seeing pieces from disparate sources, come together under their collective aesthetic. They have a real respect for wood, and know how to bring it back to life. Vintage rosewood, in particular, often makes an appearance in the collection. By pure coincidence, these pieces came together on the floor. Rosewood case goods? Yes, more please...

Danish glass & rosewood cabinet (pair), c.1970's. Look at those curves! No hard angles here.

And by contrast, a pair Danish rosewood chests. c.1960's, fully restored. Serious and substantial.

And here's a lesson in How to get your Don Draper on 101. Floating rosewood credenza on chrome base. c.1960's, Canada.

photos: Antoinette Celes


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