April 23, 2010

Design crush: Kelly Wearstler

As a child reared on tv, I find the lack of it at home is generally a godsend -- but hey, that's what the internet is for, huh? I usually miss out on the latest pop-culture shows, unless a friend updates me on "who's in, or who's out," or I catch a Dancing with the Stars bonding-marathon with my mom. When Top Design came out, I missed the boat on the drama, why so-and-so is always juxtaposing seating at an angle to the area rugs, and so on.... So you see, I was robbed of the weekly going ons of Top Design judge, Kelly Wearstler, and her high fashion ensembles.

During a bout of web surfing on saint verde digest, I came upon Ms. Wearstler's website, and was blown away at all the dramatic, interior stylings -- most especially the residential projects. Over the top, yes, but there's definitely a clear voice talking here. I find it beautifully comes together. It's like a big, bubbly stew: equal parts 70's and art deco, a unique dash of The Fountainhead meets neoclassicism (I know!), pinch of Cy Twombly, a long walk on the beach, some Mid-Century Modern, and a healthy helping of Hollywood glam. Whew, an interesting mix of ingredients, but it works.

Photos via kwid.com

If I could play house, I think these pieces would fit in nicely...

Milo Baughman Chrome Benches

Asian Modern Lacquered Console Table

Arthur Court Dining Table

Dorothy Draper Chairs (newly upholstered in turquoise ostrich leather)


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