November 13, 2009

Hoo, hoo! Who loves owls?

We do! We do!

Look at this lovely 60's Mid-Century Modern pair. Left: Curtis Jere brass owl with green glass eyes, made in the USA - $250. Right: Murano shaped green glass, made in Italy - $175.

Murano 60's Italian green glass owl (detail). Check out his eyes!

Jere 70's brass bookend, made in the USA - $225. Notice the lion looking a little bit "baked."

The mother owl that rules them all! 23-inches of Hooter power! Ceramic 60's owl, made in Italy - $450.

One of the sweetest owls in our collection. The details are Jere-ish (not confirmed) 60's brass owl with enameled coloring - $150.

Love the colors and metallic accents on this one. 60's Jere owl with enameled coloring, made in the USA - $495.

More Jere detail. Hootie hoo!

Skjode Skjern vintage owl bobble-head. His head is attached with a rubber band that allows his head to spin & adjust. Very cute! The bottom of his body bears a sweet poem. Come visit us to discover this wise owl's words. 60's teak owl, made in Denmark.

The owl in the bell jar. Vintage ceramic owl, made in Italy - $150

photos: Antoinette Celes